Outdoor Recreation Equipment Rental

Hours of Operation

Monday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Sunday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.


313 Stratofortress Rd. (off S. Perimeter Rd.)
Bldg. 8454

+1 (912)315-9354 or +1 (912)315-9554

The Outdoor Recreation Equipment Checkout requires a 1 day deposit on all rentals. Overnight drop off of equipment is not authorized.

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Boats | Campers | Pavilions | Trailers

Boat Rentals
To rent boats you are required to take the online  Boater Foundation state course.

Boats are restricted to lakes and rivers, no ocean access permitted. All boat trailers require 2" ball and flat 4 way connection except Hurricane Deck boat which requires 2" ball and flat 5 way connection.


Item Cost
Carolina Skiff $150/day
Carolina Skiff (16') $120/day
Carolina Skiff (18') $150/day
Hurricane Deck Boat $150/day
Jon Boat Motor & Trailer (14', 9.9hp Motor trailer) $40/day
9.9hp Motor $10/day
Jon Boat (14', no Motor) $10/day
Trolling Motor $5/day
Canoe $10/day
Kayak (Single or Double) $10/day
Paddle Boat $15/hr
Stand-up Paddle Board (10' & 10'6") $40/day
Kite Board, Kite, & Pump $75/day



Item Cost
Camper (19', sleeps 2-4) $85/day



Item Cost
Large Screened Pavilion (Mon-Thu) $100/day
Small Screened Pavilion (Mon-Thu) $25/day
Large Screened Pavilion (Fri-Sun) $125/day
Small Screened Pavilion (Fri-Sun) $30/day


Utility Trailers


Item Cost
*Covered Trailer (5x8') $25/day
*Covered Trailer (7x12') $35/day
**Covered Trailer (7x16') $50/day
**Covered Trailer (7.5x24' car hauler) $60/day
*Open Motor Cycle Trailer $40/day
*Open Trailer (6x10') $40/day
*Open Trailer (6x12') $45/day
**Open Trailer (7x18') $60/day

* Requires 2" Ball, ** Requires 2 5/16" Ball w/ Electric Brakes.

Water Sports

Water Sports

Item Cost
Kayak (Single or Double) $10/day
Stand-Up Paddle Board (10' & 10'6") $40/day
Kite Board, Kite & Pump $75/day

Must be level II PASA Kite Board Certified to rent Kite Board equipment.


Camping | Cook Out Supplies | Tables & Chairs


Item Cost
Primitive Tent Camping Site $6/day
Primitive Campers Camping Site $12/day
Active Duty Military, Retirees, DOD Civilians $25/day
Golden Age/America the Beautiful Pass $20/day

Cook Out Supplies

Item Cost
Grill (Charcoal Towable) $50/day
Grill (Propane Towable) $50/day
Smoker (Towable) $50/day
Rotisserie for Propane Grill $25/day
Low Country Cooker/Oyster Steam $20/day
Deep Fryer $10/day
Cooler $5/day
Water Jug (5 gal.) $3/day

Table & Chairs

Item Cost
Folding Tables (16' long) $5/day
Folding Table Round (60" circumference) $7/day
Folding Chair $1/day
Inflatables | Storage | Miscellaneous


Item Cost
Sumo Wrestler Outfits (plus mats) $50/day
Bubble Ball Set $150/day
Moon Bounce $100/day
Moon Bounce w/ Ball Pit $150/day



Item Cost
Limited Access Uncovered $15/mth
Limited Access Covered $35/mth
24 hr Storage Uncovered $35/mth
24 hr Storage Covered $45/mth



Item Cost
Basketball, Volleyball, Horseshoes, Football, Soccer Ball $3/day
Wiffle Ball Set $3/day
Additional Cushion/Paddles $3/day
Additional Anchor $5/day